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Swan Cam

Check out the “Swan Cam” at Swan Park.   The swan cam gives people all over the world the opportunity to go online and view the swans straight from their computers.

Thank you to the following businesses for helping make the swan camera possible; Xcel Energy, FiberNet Monticello, Wright Hennepin Electric, Wes Olson Electric, Kaltec Technology, Monticello Parks Department, and Doug’s Computer Service.

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2015 -2016 Viewing Season


The Swan City Heritage Foundation has received their 501c3 status, which means your donations are now tax deductible.  Please make checks payable to the Swan City Heritage Foundation, you can drop them off at the Chamber office or directly to Premier Bank where they have set up an account.  Thank you for your continued support of Sheila's legacy.

February 20, 2015

400-500 swans that have been present for most of this past week are still here and expect will be through the weekend.  Little bit of snow forecasted for the next day or so should only help concentrate the birds in the area towards the river.

February 13, 2015 

Jim Lawrence reported to us that he has about 400 swans and expect that might carry through the weekend if we are lucky.  Hormones starting to race around in mated pairs and new breeders looking to start the "dating" process. 

February 3, 2015

We received an update from Jim Lawrence regarding the swans today.  "This morning I had 300 swans which resulted I expect from the drop in temp the last few days.  Snow falling right now so may help hold birds for a few days but temps may be tending higher over the next few days so....as always, time will tell."

January 20, 2015

Jim Lawrence informed the Chamber office that due to the warmer temperatures and melting snow, the swans have moved out into the fields to feed and are not frequenting the river right now.  The forecast shows above normal temperatures so this will remain the same until we receive more snow which will cover up the fields and force them back to the river.   As predicted, viewing of the swans right now is not favorable at Swan Park.

January 8, 2015

This morning's update as to swan status at the park finds the birds more concentrated near the viewing area.  I expected that several below zero night time temps would tighten up the flock as it historically has done.  I also expect the present swan numbers (1200-1500) to remain here until the next warm front moves in.  Snow and cold usually means there should be swans for viewing at Swan Park.

November 14, 2014
We spoke with Jim Lawrence the other day, and the swans are starting to show up in small groups.  The flock will continue to grow during the season, as the cold weather pushes them down to us.  As the lakes and ponds freeze up north of Monticello, they will continue their way to the open water of the Mississippi River.  Jim expects to be feeding them in the near future.  

Feeding time is every day at 10:30am. If you stop into the park during feeding time Jim Lawrence is there to help educate you on these beautiful birds.

Swan Park

The Park is seldom used in the summer months, but becomes the home to over 2,000 Trumpeter Swans in the winter months from Mid November- March. Swans can continue to be viewed as the winter weather continues. As the warm weather approaches, the swans return to Minnesota lakes as they begin to thaw. (Therefore, swan viewing season can fluctuate year to year based on the weather.)

Sheila Lawrence "The Swan Lady"

In April 2011, Shiela Lawrence known as “The Swan Lady,” passed away. Sheila and her husband Jim have been feeding the swans for over 25 years. Because of their selfless acts of kindness to these birds, the Monticello Community has benefited more than anyone realizes. Jim Lawrence has continued to feed the Trumpeter Swans winter after winter. We need your help in continuing to fund this wonderful Monticello attraction.

A special thank you Jim and Sheila Lawrence for bringing this attraction to Monticello and for all the time and money you’ve spent feeding the swans. Thank you also to the Monticello's Parks Department for your diligence and assistance in keeping up the park throughout the year.

Donate to Help Feed the Swans

The funding for purchase and delivery of corn to feed the waterfowl viewed at Swan Park for the past 25 years was paid in its entirety by Sheila Lawrence with the generous help of a few of her close friends and countless Swan Park visitors.  Contrary to what you may believe no financial support is provided by any municipal or state agencies.  Since Sheila’s passing a foundation had been created to continue her legacy and to promote and grow this Monticello winter treasure.  If you would like to help continue the growth of this flock of Trumpeter Swans you may do so my making a donation to the Swan City Heritage Foundation. (A 501(C)(3) Non-profit status has been granted) Send your payments to;

Swan City Heritage Foundation
PO Box 192
Monticello, MN 55362.


Sticky Note Corner

The Chamber reminds photographers and viewers that the swans are very shy. They recognize the park as a place where strangers are present, but see it as a safety zone. However, they are easily spooked when someone leaves the confines ( the deck) of the park itself to venture on neighborhood properties or down to the riverbank itself for viewing or photography which is NOT allowed. Jim Lawrence- who feeds the swans is the only 'safe' person that the swans recognize. THANK YOU for observing the privacy of these beautiful birds. We consider it an honor to have them on our riverfront and we want to respect both the volunteer efforts of the Monticello resident as well as the trumpeter swans.

Directions to Monticello's Swan Park on Mississippi Drive


From St. Cloud: Take the 2nd Monticello Exit (#194) off of I-94 East, which brings you to County Road 18. Take a right onto County Road 18.

From Minneapolis: Take the first Monticello Exit (#194) off I-94, which brings you to Country Road 18. Take a right onto County Road 18.

Continue straight ahead, through the stop light (the road turns in County Rd 39E) you will take the second left onto the street Mississippi Drive. Follow the residential housing until you see a little sliver of a park located on the right hand side near the end of Mississippi Drive. This is where you may view the swans in a park-like setting. If you have any questions call the Chamber Office 763-295-2700.

REMINDER: Please do not trespass in anyone's yard. You may view the swans by walking down a small asphalt pathway and to the viewing deck overlooking the river bank. Mississippi Drive ends in a cul-de-sac, so please utilize this to turn around. You may also get back into your vehicle and head east further down the river and view from alongside County Road 39 East. Reminder: There are opportunities for photography at every glance. Please do not trespass into anyone's yard.

Click Here to view a Video of the Swan Lady From the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

The Monticello Chamber is only a phone call away if you plan to visit the Monticello area and see for yourself one of nature’s wonderful gifts. Tour groups are asked to call ahead so we can have someone meet you at the park and answer any of your questions about our community and swans.

Phone: 763-295-2700
Email: info@monticellocci.com

Other Information

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